Submissions from 2014


Calcium oxalate supersaturation increases early after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, Varun Agrawal MD, Xiao Liu MD, Thomas Campfield MD, John Romanelli MD, J Enrique Silva MD, and Gregory Braden M.D.


Ramifications of single-port laparoscopic surgery: measuring differences in task performance using simulation., Nathan Conway MD, John Romanelli MD, Ron Bush, and Neal Seymour MD


Surgical rib fixation for flail chest deformity improves liberation from mechanical ventilation, Andrew Doben MD

The Utilization of Surgical Rib Fixation: Age Restrictions, Andrew Doben MD and Caitlyn Ryan


Maintaining situational awareness in a cardiac intensive care unit, Daniel Engelman MD, Thomas Higgins M.D., Rakesh Talati MD, and Jason Grimsman MD


DNA methylation in paired breast epithelial and white blood cells from women undergoing reduction mammoplasty, Melissa Johnson MD, D Joseph Jerry, and Sallie Schneider PhD


Quantifying the risk of incompatible kidney transplantation: a multicenter study, George Lipkowitz MD

A Prospective Study of the Management of Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries without Neurosurgical Consultation, Jeffry Nahmias MD and Robert Gaffey

Palliative care: Surgical time-out for introspection, David Page MD


Local control and results of leksell gamma knife therapy for the treatment of uveal melanoma, Clemens Schirmer M.D.


Anti-YKL-40 antibody and ionizing irradiation synergistically inhibit tumor vascularization and malignancy in glioblastoma, Rong Shao, Brooke Bentley, Sherry Taylor MD, Luis Moral MD, and Wei Yan


MCP arthrodesis using an intramedullary interlocking device, Jacqueline Vanderzanden MD


Evaluation of the treatment of pectus carinatum with compressive orthotic bracing using three dimensional body scans, Kaitlyn Wong MD, David Tashjian MD, Michael Tirabassi MD, and Kevin Moriarty MD

Submissions from 2013


Alternative perfusion technique without axillary artery cannulation during combined aortic root and total arch replacement, Ak Alameddine MD, Victor Alimov MD, and Joseph Flack MD


Medical student boot camp: A two-week elective for the advancement of cognitive and technical skills in preparation for internship, Raquel Belforti M.D., Adam Kellogg M.D., Lucienne Lutfy-Clayton M.D., and Gladys Fernandez M.D.


X-rayted and Overexposed: Comment on "Comparison of Radiation Exposure and Cost Between Dynamic Computed Tomography and Sestamibi Scintigraphy for Preoperative Localization of Parathyroid Lesions"., Nicholas Coe MD

Starting a peroral endoscopic myotomy program at your institution, David Desilets MD, John Romanelli MD, and David Earle MD


Guidelines for the management of hiatal hernia, David Earle MD


Repair of umbilical and epigastric hernias, David Earle MD


SAGES clinical spotlight review: endoluminal treatments for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), David Earle MD


Successful nonoperative management of the most severe blunt renal injuries: a multicenter study of the research consortium of new England centers for trauma, Ronald Gross MD


Saving Sight: An Eye Surgeon's Look at Life Behind the Mask and the Heroes Who Changed the Way We See, Andrew Lam MD

Nissen fundoplication in the pediatric patient: Clinical and imaging evaluation, Grace Mitchell MD, Stanley Polansky MD, Stephen O'Connor MD, David Tashjian MD, Anastasios Angelides MD, and Qiqing Ge MD


Guns and states: Pediatric firearm injury, Kevin Moriarty MD, David Tashjian MD, and Lisa Patterson MD


Use of fibrin sealants in cardiovascular surgery: a systematic review, John Rousou MD


A novel craniotomy simulator provides a validated method to enhance education in the management of traumatic brain injury, Clemens Schirmer M.D.


A single center's experience with the bedside subdural evacuating port system: A useful alternative to traditional methods for chronic subdural hematoma evacuation, Clemens Schirmer M.D.


Commentary, Clemens Schirmer M.D.


Evolving virtual reality simulation in neurosurgery, Clemens Schirmer M.D.


Superficial temporal artery dissection: A technical note, Clemens Schirmer M.D.


Virtual reality-based simulation training for ventriculostomy: an evidence-based approach, Clemens Schirmer M.D.


Best practices in interprofessional education and training in surgery: Experiences from American College of Surgeons-Accredited Education Institutes, Neal Seymour MD


Prospective, randomized assessment of transfer of training (ToT) and transfer effectiveness ratio (TER) of virtual reality simulation training for laparoscopic skill acquisition, Neal Seymour MD


Flecainide toxicity-treatment with intravenous fat emulsion and extra corporeal life support, Senthil Sivalingam MD, T. Vijay Gadiraju MD, Mini Hariharan MD, Auras Atreya MD, Joseph Flack MD, and Hany Aziz MD


Peri-implant primary squamous cell carcinoma: a case report with 5 years' follow-up, Michael Spink MD

Evaluation of the treatment of pectus carinatum with compressive orthotic bracing using three dimensional body scans, Kaitlyn Wong MD, David Tashjian MD, Michael Tirabassi MD, and Kevin Moriarty MD

Radiation free alternative method for measuring severity of pectus excavatum deformaties using three dimensional body scanning, Kaitlyn Wong MD, David Tashjian MD, Michael Tirabassi MD, and Kevin Moriarty MD

Submissions from 2012

Patent foramen ovale and embolic stroke "en flagrant délit", Ak Alameddine MD, Victor Alimov MD, and Daniel Engelman MD

Aorto-pulmonary artery disruption following acute type-A aortic dissection repair with the use of BioGlue®., Ak Alameddine MD, Victor Alimov MD, John Rousou MD, and Jonathan Freeman MD

Mediastinal drain entrapment detected on computed tomography in 2 obese patients after median sternotomy, Ak Alameddine MD, John Rousou MD, and Victor Alimov MD

The rationale and design of the minocycline plus amiodarone versus amiodarone alone (MINAA) trial for the prevention of atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery, Ak Alameddine MD, Paul Visintainer, Victor Alimov MD, Jennifer Germain, Daniel Engelman MD, and John Rousou MD

Glioblastoma-derived tumor cells induce vasculogenic mimicry through Flk-1 protein activation, Brooke Bentley, Stephan Scully, Wei Yan, Sherry Taylor MD, Dennis Oh MD, Luis Moral MD, and Rong Shao

Knowledge sharing in academic medical centers: Examining the nexus of higher education and workforce development, Rebecca Blanchard, Elisabeth Bennett, and Gladys Fernandez MD

Metabolic and neuroendocrine responses to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. I: Energy balance, metabolic changes, and fat loss, Gregory Braden MD, Xiao Liu MD, John Romanelli MD, and J Enrique Silva MD

Are we human or are we surgeon?: comment on "join the club", Nicholas Coe MD

Myocardial abscess 14 years after coronary bypass grafting, David Deaton MD, Ak Alameddine MD, Victor Alimov MD, and Laurie Gianturco MD

Common Complications and Management, David Earle MD

Open component separation for abdominal wall reconstruction, David Earle MD

Endoscopic Component Separation, David Earle MD and Jessica Evans MD


Prosthetic mesh contamination during NOTES(®) transgastric hernia repair: A randomized controlled trial with swine explants, David Earle MD, John Romanelli MD, Philip Omotosho MD, Peter Wu MD, Connie Rossini MD, Hannah Swayze-Quinn MD, and David Desilets MD

Simulation for medical students, Gladys Fernandez M.D.

Boot cAMP: Educational outcomes after 4 successive years of preparatory simulation-based training at onset of internship, Gladys Fernandez MD, David Page MD, Nicholas Coe MD, Patrick Lee MD, Lisa Patterson MD, Loki Skylizard MD, Marisa Amaral MD, Richard Wait MD, and Neal Seymour MD

Development and Operation of a Simulation Laboratory at a Major Medical Center, Gladys Fernandez MD and Neal Seymour MD

Primary hyperparathyroidism in the underinsured: a study of 493 patients, Jane Garb and Azad Jabiev MD

The SVV-SV relationship during one lung ventilation, Charles Gibson RN, Adam Adler M.D., William McGee M.D., Gary Hochheiser M.D., and Rose Ganim M.D.

Successful nonoperative management of the most severe blunt liver injuries: a multicenter study of the research consortium of new England centers for trauma, Ronald Gross MD

Ventilator-associated pneumonia rates at major trauma centers compared with a national benchmark: A multi-institutional study of the AAST, Ronald Gross MD

Cervical spine injuries and helmet laws: A population-based study, Ronald Gross MD and Andrew Doben MD

Promoting Antifungal Stewardship as a Means of Optimizing the Management of Invasive Fungal Infections, Patrick Lee MD

Observational study of functional hemodynamics during one lung ventilation, William McGee MD, Karthik Raghunathan MD, Charles Gibson, Gary Hochheiser MD, and Rose Ganim MD

Child abuse and neglect in the United States, Kevin Moriarty MD and David Tashjian MD

Pediatric pancreatitis in the era of obesity, Kevin Moriarty MD and David Tashjian MD

Pediatric ureteropelvic junction obstruction, Kevin Moriarty MD and David Tashjian MD

Surgical management of pediatric adhesive bowel obstruction, Kevin Moriarty MD and David Tashjian MD

Surgical management of pediatric emphysema, Kevin Moriarty MD and David Tashjian MD

Abdominal anaphylaxis presenting as trauma: a recipe for delayed diagnosis, J. Hector Pope MD, Eleanor Winston MD, and Khaldoon Al Dulaimy MD

Challenging hernia locations: Suprapubic and subxiphoid, John Romanelli MD

Gastrointestinal prophylaxis in neurocritical care, Clemens Schirmer MD

Patient based computational fluid dynamic characterization of carotid bifurcation stenosis before and after endovascular revascularization, Clemens Schirmer MD

Spontaneous resolution of a Chiari malformation Type I and syrinx after supratentorial craniotomy for excision of a cavernous malformation, Clemens Schirmer MD

Caudals, dimples, and ultrasound - part 2, Donald Schwartz MD, Kevin Moriarty MD, and Nandakumar Ponnusamy MD

Transdifferentiation of glioblastoma stem-like cells into mural cells drives vasculogenic mimicry in glioblastomas, Stephan Scully, Brooke Bentley, Sherry Taylor MD, Dennis Oh MD, Robert Schapiro MD, Luis Moral MD, Wei Yan, and Rong Shao

The future of surgical simulation, Neal Seymour MD

The novel lupus antigen related protein acheron enhances the development of human breast cancer, Rong Shao, Stephan Scully, Wei Yan, Brooke Bentley, James Mueller MD, Lauren Schwartz MD, and Larry Schwartz

Is partial colectomy the operation of choice in pediatric Clostridium difficile colitis?, David Tashjian MD and Kevin Moriarty MD

Missed opportunities in the treatment of pediatric appendicitis, David Tashjian MD and Kevin Moriarty MD


Surgical management of pediatric adhesive bowel obstruction, David Tashjian MD and Kevin Moriarty MD

Evaluation and management of mild traumatic brain injury: An Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma practice management guideline, Eleanor Winston MD

Submissions from 2011

Surgical pitfalls of excising an intramyocardial lipoma, Ak Alameddine MD, Victor Alimov MD, David Deaton MD, and George Turner

Is there a role for surgery in the management of giant B-cell right atrial lymphoma?, Ak Alameddine MD, Victor Alimov MD, Joseph Flack MD, and John Rousou MD

Entrapment of an arterial pressure catheter by a previously deployed Starclose device, Ak Alameddine MD and John Rousou MD

Repair of intervalvular fibrous body rupture during aortic valve replacement, Victor Alimov MD, Ak Alameddine MD, and Joseph Flack MD

Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma: A Review of the Management of the Open Abdomen-Part 2 "Management of the Open Abdomen", Reginald Alouidor MD

Breast cancer expression of YKL-40 correlates with tumour grade, poor differentiation, and other cancer markers, Richard Arenas MD, Rong Shao, Q Jackie Cao MD, Brooke Bentley, and Wei Yan

How many criteria does it take to remove a single parathyroid gland?, Nicholas Coe MD

Safety and efficacy of heparin or enoxaparin prophylaxis in blunt trauma patients with a head abbreviated injury severity score >2, Andrew Doben MD

Ventral Hernia, David Earle MD

NOTES(®) stapled cystgastrostomy: a novel approach for surgical management of pancreatic pseudocysts, David Earle MD, David Desilets MD, and John Romanelli MD

Ascending aortic pseudoaneurysm, a ticking bomb after cardiac surgery, Joseph Flack MD, Fadi Saab MD, James Cook MD, and Leehapong Navaravong MD

In tumors Salmonella migrate away from vasculature toward the transition zone and induce apoptosis, Sabha Ganai MD, Richard Arenas MD, Brooke Bentley, and Neil Forbes

Homozygous lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase (LCAT) deficiency due to a new loss of function mutation and review of the literature, Rose Ganim MD and Sarah Haessler MD

Correlation of stromal expression of YKL-40 with recurrence of colorectal cancer, Jane Garb, Christopher Chapman MD, Brooke Bentley, Q Jackie Cao MD, Rong Shao, Richard Arenas MD, and Hannah Swayze-Quinn MD

Using spatial analysis to improve health care services and delivery at Baystate Health, Jane Garb and Richard Wait MD

Geography and travel distance impact emergency department visits, Philip Henneman MD, Jane Garb, Geoffrey A. Capraro MD, Haiping Li, Howard Smithline MD, and Richard Wait MD

In reply: Surgeon-performed ultrasound and prediction of differentiated thyroid cancer, Azad Jabiev MD

Telavancin versus vancomycin for hospital-acquired pneumonia due to gram-positive pathogens, Patrick Lee MD

Fast track, Grace Makari-Judson MD, Sandra Hubbard, and Holly Mason MD

Geographic distribution of community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus soft tissue infections, Kevin Moriarty MD, Connie Rossini MD, David Tashjian MD, Jane Garb, and Richard Wait MD

Less is more: Management of pediatric spleen injury, Kevin Moriarty MD and George Wadie MD

Primary repair of facial dog bite injuries in children, Kevin Moriarty MD, Peter Wu MD, Alana Beres MD, and David Tashjian MD