Submissions from 2008

New guidelines for GH treatment, Edward Reiter MD

Public health implications of altered puberty timing, Edward Reiter MD

Preliminary observations of urinary calcium and osteopontin excretion in premature infants, term infants and adults, Gary Rockwell MD, Gregory Braden MD, and Thomas Campfield MD

Do pediatricians manage influenza differently than internists, Michael Rothberg MD, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD, and David Rose MD

Cardiovascular drift in euhydrated prepubertal boys, Thomas Rowland MD

Echocardiography and circulatory response to progressive endurance exercise, Thomas Rowland MD

Prescribing exercise for obese youth in the primary care setting, Thomas Rowland MD

Thermoregulation during exercise in the heat in children: Old concepts revisited, Thomas Rowland MD

Exercise tolerance and thermoregulatory responses during cycling in boys and men, Thomas Rowland MD and Sean Hagenbuch MD

Discussing illness at well-child care visits, Matthew Sadof MD

Preparing for practice: Addressing special health care needs in pediatric residency programs., Matthew Sadof MD

The children with special health care needs medical education project, Matthew Sadof MD

Prostaglandin inhibitors in the treatment of single-system Langerhans cell histiocytosis: Pharmacologic rationale and report of two cases, Philippa Sprinz MD and Stephen O'Connor

Bacterial meningitis, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

Bordetella pertussis, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

Brucella species, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

Campylobacter species, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

Candida species, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

Clostridium botulinum, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

Clostridium tetani, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

Coccidioides species, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

Corynebacterium diphtheriae, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

Cryptococcus neoforms, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

Histoplasma capsulatum, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

Mycobacterium leprae, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

Phaeohyphomycoses, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

Poststreptococcal immunologic complications, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

Shigella species, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

Streptococcus pyogenes, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

Development of children who have hearing impairment, Cheryl Tierney and Patrick Brown MD

Are you ready? Assessing weight management preparedness in families presenting to pediatric weight management programs, Chrystal Wittcopp MD, Sarah Goff MD, and Kathleen Szegda

Barriers to effective pediatric obesity prevention, Chrystal Wittcopp MD, Kathleen Szegda, Lela Hobby, and Jennifer Kennedy

Submissions from 2007

Does increased BMI impair predicted adult height in female patients treated with Depot GnRH for precocious puberty, Holley Allen MD, Dennis Brenner MD, and Erin Morneault MD

Effect of implementing open access appointment scheduling on reducing inappropriate urgent care visits in an inner city resident teaching clinic, James Burns MD, Cheryl Tierney, and Tracie Ambrose MD

Introduction of a modified neonatal resuscitation course to lay midwives in the Dominican Republic., Robert Comer MD, Barbara Graves, Jane Cross MD, and Jason Cross

Expression of CD44 in developing human kidney, Giovanna Crisi MD, Thomas Campfield MD, and Gary Rockwell MD

Drug-induced pulmonary toxicities, Jane Cross MD

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) IE1 and pp65 specific CD8+ T cell responses broaden over time after primary CMV infection in infants, Donna Fisher MD

Electronic prescribing systems in pediatrics: The rationale and functionality requirements, Robert Gerstle MD

Introduction of a modified neonatal resuscitation course to lay midwives in the Dominican Republic., Barbara Graves, Robert Comer MD, Jane Cross MD, and Jason Cross

A comparison of exercise capacity in men and boys in cold and hot environments, Sean Hagenbuch MD and Thomas Rowland MD

Introduction, Hal Jenson MD

A combined pediatric/adult thrombosis hemostasis clinic: A pilot program, Vandita Johari MD and Matthew Richardson MD

Adolescents knowledge of medical abortion and emergency contraception, Laura Koenigs MD and Mandy Coles MD

Self-induced medical abortion in an adolescent., Laura Koenigs MD and Mandy Coles MD

Procedural sedation in pediatric patients: A randomized controlled trial of Etomidate vs. Propofol vs. Ketamine, Stephen Lieberman MD, Christine McKiernan MD, Ian Goodman MD, and Sarah Abbruzzese MD

Age at growth hormone therapy start and first-year responsiveness to growth hormone are major determinants of height outcome in idiopathic short stature., Edward Reiter MD

Efficacy and safety of histrelin subdermal implant in children with central precocious puberty: A multicenter trial, Edward Reiter MD

Growth hormone treatment to final height in idiopathic growth hormone deficiency: The KIGS experience, Edward Reiter MD

Hormonal treatment of idiopathic short stature., Edward Reiter MD

Major determinants of height development in Turner syndrome (TS) patients treated with GH: Analysis of 987 patients from KIGS., Edward Reiter MD

Normal and aberrant growth, Edward Reiter MD

Small for gestational age: Short stature and beyond, Edward Reiter MD

Microcytic anemia., Matthew Richardson MD

Outpatient transfusion practice and factors leading to inpatient transfusion in a pediatric hematology/oncology program., Matthew Richardson MD, Lisa Martel, and Lisa Martensson

A stress echocardiography study of cardiac function during progressive exercise in pediatric oncology patients treated with anthracyclines, Thomas Rowland MD

Circulatory efficacy during progressive aerobic exercise in children: Insights from the Q: VO(2) relationship., Thomas Rowland MD

Determinants of endurance exercise capacity in the heat in prepubertal boys., Thomas Rowland MD

Promoting physical activity for children's health: rationale and strategies, Thomas Rowland MD

A comparison of exercise capacity in men and boys in cold and hot environments, Thomas Rowland MD and Sean Hagenbuch MD

Caring for children who have special health-care needs: A practical guide for the primary care practitioner, Matthew Sadof MD

Improving the management of chronic disease, Matthew Sadof MD

Finding a new home: Using an internet based assessment tool to identify health care resources for young adults with special health care needs, Matthew Sadof MD and Kathleen Szegda

Notice of duplicate publication., Paul Salva MD and Chester Andrzejewski MD

Cerebral metastasis and other central nervous system complications of pleuropulmonary blastoma, Philippa Sprinz MD

The use of Rituximab to treat life-threatening bleeding disorders in pediatric rheumatic diseases, Philippa Sprinz MD and Peter Blier MD

School liaison: A critical program for children attending a community based pediatric Hematology/Oncology Program, Philippa Sprinz MD, Lisa Martensson, and Michele O'Neill

Awareness and use of direct-to-consumer nutrigenomic tests, United States, 2006, Kathleen Szegda

High altitude illness, Chrystal Wittcopp MD

Submissions from 2006

Urinary excretion and renal expression of osteopontin in premature infants at risk for nephrocalcinosis, Gregory Braden MD, Giovanna Crisi MD, and Thomas Campfield MD

The adolescent with a chronic illness., James Burns MD and Matthew Sadof MD

Epstein-Barr virus, Hal Jenson MD

Epstein‑Barr Virus, Hal Jenson MD

Leiomyosarcoma, Hal Jenson MD

Physical therapist examination, evaluation, and intervention for a patient with West Nile virus paralysis., Nancy Miller MD

Pediatrician characteristics associated with child abuse identification and reporting: Results from a national survey of pediatricians., David Norton MD

A brief review of the addition of gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists (GnRH-Ag) to growth hormone (GH) treatment of children with idiopathic growth hormone deficiency: Previously published studies from America., Edward Reiter MD

Growth hormone treatment and adverse events in Prader-Willi syndrome: Data from KIGS (the Pfizer International Growth Database)., Edward Reiter MD

Effects of local variation, specialty, and beliefs on antiviral prescribing for influenza., Michael Rothberg MD, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD, and David Rose MD

After the funding is gone: An analysis of predictors of sustainability efforts at the inner city asthma intervention sites, Matthew Sadof MD

Submissions from 2005

Randomized controlled trial evaluating response to metformin versus standard therapy in the treatment of adolescents with polycystic ovary syndrome., Holley Allen MD, Laura Koenigs MD, Nancy Miller MD, and Edward Reiter MD

Group a beta-hemolytic streptoccal glossal necrotizing myositis--case report and review, Robert Baevsky MD and Stephen Lieberman MD

Caregiver predictors of adolescent inhalant abuse in rural Appalachia., James Burns MD

Index of suspicion., James Burns MD

Influence of prior sexual risk experience on response to intervention targeting multiple risk behaviors among adolescents., James Burns MD

Erythema Ab Igne, James Burns MD, Matthew Sadof MD, and Nancy Kloczko MD

Urinary osteopontin concentration in premature infants, Thomas Campfield MD, Gary Rockwell MD, and Gregory Braden MD

Video and CD-ROM as a training tool for performing neurologic examinations, Herbert Gilmore MD

Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics, Hal Jenson MD

Residents' knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding emergency contraception, Laura Koenigs MD and Satoko Igarashi MD

Circulatory shock in children: An overview., Christine McKiernan MD and Stephen Lieberman MD

Effect of pectus excavatum deformity on cardiorespiratory fitness in adolescent boys., Kevin Moriarty MD, Thomas Rowland MD, and Gregory Banever MD

Bone age progression during the first year of growth hormone therapy in pre-pubertal children with idiopathic growth hormone deficiency, Turner syndrome or idiopathic short stature, and in short children born small for gestational age [Truncated Title], Edward Reiter MD

Final height in children with medulloblastoma treated with growth hormone., Edward Reiter MD

Increased response, but lower responsiveness, to growth hormone (GH) in very young children (aged 0-3 years) with idiopathic GH Deficiency: Analysis of data from KIGS., Edward Reiter MD

Testotoxicosis: Current viewpoint., Edward Reiter MD

Management of influenza symptoms in healthy children: Cost-effectiveness of rapid testing and antiviral therapy., Michael Rothberg MD, Donna Fisher MD, Brendan Kelly MD, and David Rose MD

Physician beliefs and practices regarding influenza diagnosis and treatment, Michael Rothberg MD, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD, and David Rose MD

Circulatory responses to exercise: Are we misreading Fick, Thomas Rowland MD