Submissions from 2006

A brief review of the addition of gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists (GnRH-Ag) to growth hormone (GH) treatment of children with idiopathic growth hormone deficiency: Previously published studies from America., Edward Reiter MD

Growth hormone treatment and adverse events in Prader-Willi syndrome: Data from KIGS (the Pfizer International Growth Database)., Edward Reiter MD

Effects of local variation, specialty, and beliefs on antiviral prescribing for influenza., Michael Rothberg MD, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD, and David Rose MD

After the funding is gone: An analysis of predictors of sustainability efforts at the inner city asthma intervention sites, Matthew Sadof MD

Submissions from 2005

Randomized controlled trial evaluating response to metformin versus standard therapy in the treatment of adolescents with polycystic ovary syndrome., Holley Allen MD, Laura Koenigs MD, Nancy Miller MD, and Edward Reiter MD

Group a beta-hemolytic streptoccal glossal necrotizing myositis--case report and review, Robert Baevsky MD and Stephen Lieberman MD

Caregiver predictors of adolescent inhalant abuse in rural Appalachia., James Burns MD

Index of suspicion., James Burns MD

Influence of prior sexual risk experience on response to intervention targeting multiple risk behaviors among adolescents., James Burns MD

Erythema Ab Igne, James Burns MD, Matthew Sadof MD, and Nancy Kloczko MD

Urinary osteopontin concentration in premature infants, Thomas Campfield MD, Gary Rockwell MD, and Gregory Braden MD

Video and CD-ROM as a training tool for performing neurologic examinations, Herbert Gilmore MD

Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics, Hal Jenson MD

Residents' knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding emergency contraception, Laura Koenigs MD and Satoko Igarashi MD

Circulatory shock in children: An overview., Christine McKiernan MD and Stephen Lieberman MD

Effect of pectus excavatum deformity on cardiorespiratory fitness in adolescent boys., Kevin Moriarty MD, Thomas Rowland MD, and Gregory Banever MD

Bone age progression during the first year of growth hormone therapy in pre-pubertal children with idiopathic growth hormone deficiency, Turner syndrome or idiopathic short stature, and in short children born small for gestational age [Truncated Title], Edward Reiter MD

Final height in children with medulloblastoma treated with growth hormone., Edward Reiter MD

Increased response, but lower responsiveness, to growth hormone (GH) in very young children (aged 0-3 years) with idiopathic GH Deficiency: Analysis of data from KIGS., Edward Reiter MD

Testotoxicosis: Current viewpoint., Edward Reiter MD

Management of influenza symptoms in healthy children: Cost-effectiveness of rapid testing and antiviral therapy., Michael Rothberg MD, Donna Fisher MD, Brendan Kelly MD, and David Rose MD

Physician beliefs and practices regarding influenza diagnosis and treatment, Michael Rothberg MD, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD, and David Rose MD

Circulatory responses to exercise: Are we misreading Fick, Thomas Rowland MD

Evaluating cardiac symptoms in the athlete: Is it safe to play, Thomas Rowland MD

Evidence based physical activity for school-age youth, Thomas Rowland MD

Youth football: Heat stress and injury risk., Thomas Rowland MD

Assessment of the inner-city asthma intervention program in Springfield, Massachusetts, Matthew Sadof MD

HIV-associated lipodystrophy in children, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD, Holley Allen MD, Edward Reiter MD, Maripat Toye RN MS, and Jens Krause MD

Utility of fasting plasma glucose in predicting impaired glucose tolerance in obese children and adolescents, Chrystal Wittcopp MD

Submissions from 2004

Do adolescents treated with orlistat maintain weight loss?, Holley Allen MD

Feasibility of thoracoscopic U-clip esophageal anastomosis: an alternative for esophageal atresia reconstruction., Gregory Banever MD, Michael Tirabassi MD, Kevin Moriarty MD, Stanley Konefal MD, Edward Reiter MD, and Richard Wait MD

Selected principles of perinatal-neonatal glucose metabolism., Hussein Farrag MD

E-mail communication between pediatricians and their patients., Robert Gerstle MD

Population-based newborn screening for genetic disorders when multiple mutation DNA testing is incorporated: a cystic fibrosis newborn screening model demonstrating increased sensitivity but more carrier detections., Robert Gerstle MD

Renal effects of topiramate in children with seizures., Anthony Jackson MD, Herbert Gilmore MD, Beth Rosen MD, Sarah Barnett MD, Gregory Braden MD, Dina Kornblau MD, and Jane Garb

Gynecomastia, Edward Reiter MD

Insulin-like growth factors as diagnostic tools in growth hormone deficiency during childhood and adolescence: the KIGS experience., Edward Reiter MD

Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic characteristics of a long-acting growth hormone (GH) preparation (nutropin depot) in GH-deficient children., Edward Reiter MD

Safety and efficacy of anastrozole for the treatment of pubertal gynecomastia: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial., Edward Reiter MD

Continuous glucose monitoring in children with type 1 diabetes: before and after insulin pump therapy., Edward Reiter MD and Holley Allen MD

Meconium Stained Amniotic Fluid (MSAF) increases C-Reactive Protein (CRP) and duration of Antibiotic (ABX) administration in neonates with Respiratory Distress (RD)., Robert Rothstein MD

Cardiac responses to progressive upright exercise in adult male cyclists., Thomas Rowland MD

On the CNS exercise governor, or i thought so, Thomas Rowland MD

Pediatric cardiac problems, Thomas Rowland MD

Scaling or normalising maximum oxygen uptake to predict 1-mile run time in boys., Thomas Rowland MD

Submissions from 2003

Nephrolithiasis and nephrocalcinosis in children taking Topiramate for seizures, Sarah Barnett MD, Herbert Gilmore MD, Beth Rosen MD, Anthony Jackson MD, Dina Kornblau MD, and Jane Garb

Hypercalciuria and its potential effects in children on topiramate for seizure disorders., Sarah Barnett MD, Anthony Jackson MD, Herbert Gilmore MD, Beth Rosen MD, Gregory Braden MD, Dina Kornblau MD, and Jane Garb

Evidence of human immunodeficiency virus-associated lipodystrophy syndrome in children treated with protease inhibitors., Stuart Chipkin MD, Holley Allen MD, and Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

The KIGS experience with the addition of gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists to growth hormone (GH) treatment of children with idiopathic GH deficiency., Edward Reiter MD

The mathematical model for total pubertal growth in idiopathic growth hormone (GH) deficiency suggests a moderate role of GH dose., Edward Reiter MD

Cardiac response to progressive cycle exercise in moderately obese adolescent females., Thomas Rowland MD

Determinants of diastolic cardiac filling during exercise, Thomas Rowland MD

Myocardial performance during maximal exercise in adolescents with anorexia nervosa., Thomas Rowland MD, Laura Koenigs MD, and Nancy Miller MD

Adoption of reminder and recall messages for immunizations by pediatricians and public health clinics., Cheryl Tierney

Submissions from 2001


Anesthetic management of the exit (ex utero intrapartum treatment) procedure, Donald Schwartz MD, Kevin Moriarty MD, David Tashjian MD, Robert Wool MD, Robert Parker MD, Glenn Markenson MD, Robert Rothstein MD, Bhavesh Shah MD, Neil Connelly MD, and Richard Courtney MD

Submissions from 2000

International volunteer work for the practicing pediatrician., David Norton MD

Cardiac dynamics during upright cycle exercise in boys., Thomas Rowland MD