Submissions from 2012

Abusive head trauma Part II: Radiological aspects, Stephen Boos MD

Neonatal Informatics: Optimizing Clinical Data Entry and Display, Patrick Brown MD

Cerebellar metastatic papillary thyroid carcinoma in a pediatric patient with complex congenital heart disease., Rushika Conroy MD

Corrigendum to "Novel NaPi-IIc mutations causing HHRH and idiopathic hypercalciuria in several unrelated families: Long-term follow-up in one kindred" [Bone 50 (2012) 1100-1106], Nancy Dunbar MD

Novel NaPi-IIc mutations causing HHRH and idiopathic hypercalciuria in several unrelated families: Long-term follow-up in one kindred, Nancy Dunbar MD

Validity of using ICD-9-CM codes to identify selected categories of obstetric complications, procedures and co-morbidities, Sarah Goff MD, Penny Pekow, Glenn Markenson MD, Alex Knee, and Peter Lindenauer MD

Intraosseous infusion is unreliable for adenosine delivery in the treatment of supraventricular tachycardia, Ian Goodman MD

Ethical integrative pediatric care: A new perspective, David Gottsegen MD

How quickly do clinicians adopt EMR notes?, Thomas Higgins MD, Neil Kudler MD, Peter Lindenauer MD, and Patrick Brown MD

Patient opinion of hospital care in England: Analysis of reviews from the NHS Choices website, Tara Lagu MD, Nicholas Hannon, Sarah Goff MD, and Peter Lindenauer MD

Less is more: management of pediatric splenic injury, Kevin Moriarty MD and David Tashjian MD

Feasibility of a longitudinal integrated clinical (LIC) experience concurrent with traditional block core clerkships, Michael Picchioni MD, Thomas Campfield MD, and Rebecca Blanchard PhD

Guillain-Barré syndrome, Beth Rosen MD

Acute effects of firefighting on cardiac performance, Thomas Rowland MD

Continuing medical education activity in echocardiography, Thomas Rowland MD

Inferior exercise economy in children: Perpetuating a myth?, Thomas Rowland MD

Orthostatic effects on echocardiographic measures of ventricular function, Thomas Rowland MD

Birth weight- and fetal weight-growth restriction: Impact on neurodevelopment., Bhavesh Shah MD, Frederick Hampf MD, Herbert Gilmore MD, and Susan McQuiston MD

Necrotizing enterocolitis and the role of anemia of prematurity, Bhavesh Shah MD and Rachana Singh MD

Respiratory mechanics during high-frequency oscillatory ventilation: a physical model and preterm infant study, Rachana Singh MD

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine-funde randomised controlled trials of acupunture: A systemic review, John Snyder MD

Complementary and alternative medicine in children: an analysis of the recent literature, John Snyder MD and Patrick Brown MD

Pertussis in childhood, John Snyder MD and Donna Fisher MD

Metabolic syndrome in obese adolescents is associated with risk for nephrolithiasis., Rishita Tiwari MD, Thomas Campfield MD, Chrystal Wittcopp MD, Gregory Braden MD, Paul Visintainer, Edward Reiter MD, and Holley Allen MD

The impact of a palliative care team on residnets' experieinces and comfort levels with pediatric palliative care, Kelly Wu MD, Jennifer Friderici, and Sarah Goff MD

Submissions from 2011

Atypical immunologic response in a patient with CRIM-negative Pompe disease, Mary-Alice Abbott MD

Cutia aplasia and transverse limb defects related to first trimester misoprostol exposure, Mary-Alice Abbott MD and Sara Goldstein

Autonomy and parental support associated with better A1cs for teens, Holley Allen MD, Jane Garb, and Paul Visintainer

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with cardiovascular disease risk factors but not obesity in pediatric type 1 diabetes, Holley Allen MD, Chrystal Wittcopp MD, Nancy Dunbar MD, Paul Visintainer, and Edward Reiter MD

Is there a different relationship between Vitamin DE 250H and parathyroid hormone in children with type 1 diabetes, Holley Allen MD, Chrystal Wittcopp MD, Edward Reiter MD, Paul Visintainer, Nancy Dunbar MD, and Emily Frydman MD

Neck and spinal cord injuries in child abuse, Stephen Boos MD

The Paediatric Hymen, Stephen Boos MD

Variations in faculty assessment of NICU flowsheet data: Implications for electronic data display, Patrick Brown MD

Media role in violence and the dynamics of bullying, Patrick Brown MD and Cheryl Tierney

Role-modeling compassionate care: An innovative resident-as-teacher initiative funded by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, Thomas Campfield MD

Genetic technologies and incidental findings: Implications for the researcher-participant relationship, Matthew Fickie MD

Oculo-ectodermal syndrome: report of a case with mosaicism for a deletion on Xq12, Matthew Fickie MD

Pediatric urinary tract infection, Donna Fisher MD

An education intervention for pediatricians during a novel H1N1 influenza pandemic at a children’s hospital, Donna Fisher MD, Alicia Johnston MD, and Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

The relationship between local food sources and open space to body mass index in urban children, Jane Garb, James Burns MD, Sarah Goff MD, and Lela Hobby

Vaccine counseling: A content analysis of patient-physician discussions regarding human papilloma virus vaccine, Sarah Goff MD

Accuracy of ICD-9_CM coding for identifying obstetric complications in administrative data, Sarah Goff MD, Glenn Markenson MD, Alex Knee, and Peter Lindenauer MD

Understanding diabetic ketoacidosis, Chelsea Gordner DO and James Nichols

Hypnosis for functional abdominal pain, David Gottsegen MD

Rectal biopsies obtained with jumbo biopsy forceps in the evaluation of Hirschsprung disease, Barry Hirsch MD, Anastasios Angelides MD, Susan Goode MD, and Jane Garb

Human papillomavirus vaccine: now for boys too?, Hal Jenson MD

Three brothers, one genotype, evolving sweat chlorides - Is this really CF?, Robert Kaslovsky MD

Financing vaccines for adolescents: a position paper of the society for adolescent health and medicine, Laura Koenigs MD

Comparison of family-based vs. individual therapy in adolescents with anorexis nervosa: A retrospective cohort with historic control, Laura Koenigs MD, Claire Norton, Jennifer Friderici, and Nancy Miller MD

Validity of using ICD-9CM codes to identify selected obstetric complications, procedures and comorbidities, Glenn Markenson MD, Sarah Goff MD, Alex Knee, and Peter Lindenauer MD

Concomitant thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and ANCA-associated vasculitis in an adolescent, Christine McKiernan MD, Varun Agrawal MD, Chirag Vaidya MD, Jiuming Ye MD, Jonathan Freeman MD, Peter Blier MD, Chester Andrzejewski MD, Michael Germain MD, and Gregory Braden MD

Speech and language development: monitoring process and problems, Susan McQuiston MD and Nancy Kloczko MD

Disorders of the anterior pituitary, Edward Reiter MD

Endocrine abnormalities causing growth impairment, Edward Reiter MD

Growth and growth impairment, Edward Reiter MD

Tall stature, Edward Reiter MD

Acute effects of firefighting on arterial stiffness and blood flow, Thomas Rowland MD

Fluid replacement requirements for child athletes, Thomas Rowland MD

Is the 'Athlete's Heart' arrhythmogenic?: Implications for Sudden Cardiac Death, Thomas Rowland MD

Lack of Time-of-Day Differences Is Not Necessarily Indicative of Lack of Circadian Influences: Letter to the Editor, Thomas Rowland MD

Myocardial function and aerobic fitness in adolescent females, Thomas Rowland MD

Myocardial function in rowers, Thomas Rowland MD

Prevention of sudden cardiac death in young athletes: Controversies and conundrums, Thomas Rowland MD

Time-of-day effect on cardiac responses to progressive exercise, Thomas Rowland MD

Care coordination for children with special health care needs: Evaluation of a state experiment, Matthew Sadof MD

Unmet dental needs and barriers to care for children with significant special health care needs, Matthew Sadof MD

Will you be my doctor? Primary care physicians' willingness to accept transition of young adults with chronic conditions, Matthew Sadof MD

Adolescent asthma: A developmental approach, Matthew Sadof MD and Robert Kaslovsky MD

Colonization of paediatric lower respiratory tract with genital Mycoplasma species, Paul Salva MD

Teaching pediatric code leadership skills: Integrated vs. stand alone curriculum, Howard Smithline MD, Ian Goodman MD, Gerard Langlois, Blake Spirko MD, Fidela Blank, and Gladys Fernandez MD

Bartonella, Barbara W. Stechenberg MD

Pharmacokinetics and safety of a new paediatric fixed-dose combination of zidovudine/lamivudine/nevirapine in HIV-infected children, Maripat Toye RN MS

Participation in community gardens as an adjunct treatment to a weight management program, Chrystal Wittcopp MD and Sarah Goff MD

Submissions from 2010

Randomized controlled trial comparing metformin with OCP vs. OCP alone in the treatment of adolescents with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Holley Allen MD

The tumor lysis syndrome in a child with multicentric Castleman disease, Holley Allen MD, Saniana Mehrotra MD, and Matthew Richardson MD

Outpatient versus inpatient diabetes education for children diagnosed with new onset type 1 diabetes mellitus, Holley Allen MD, Ksenia Tonyushkina MD, Dennis Brenner MD, Edward Reiter MD, and Nancy Dunbar MD

The value of vitamin D therapy in neonatal hypocalciuric hypercalcemia, Holley Allen MD, Ksenia Tonyushkina MD, Edward Reiter MD, Mary-Alice Abbott MD, and Nancy Dunbar MD

Perinatal detection of gallstones in siblings, Anastasios Angelides MD

The feasibility of a longitudinal integrated clinical experience within a traditional third year curriculum, Elisabeth Bennett, Thomas Campfield MD, and Michael Picchioni MD

Virtual reflections: Ethical dilemmas of third-year medical students in an academic medical center, Elisabeth Bennett, John O'Reilly MD, and Thomas Campfield MD

The design and evaluation of a graphical display for laboratory data, Patrick Brown MD

Therapy with hydrochlorothiazide and spironlactone decreases the risk of calcium oxalate precipitation in premature infants, Thomas Campfield MD, Gary Rockwell MD, and Gregory Braden MD

Insulin resistance and nephrolithiasis: Risk in obese adolescents, Thomas Campfield MD, Rishita Tiwari MD, Chrystal Wittcopp MD, Gregory Braden MD, and Holley Allen MD

Anticonvulsant hypersensitivity syndrome treated with intravenous immunoglobulin, David Dredge MD

Neonatal Meningitis, David Dredge MD

Acute mandibular lesion in a 12-year-old girl with McCune Albright Syndrome and fibrous dysplasia, Nancy Dunbar MD and Ksenia Tonyushkina MD

Health-care referrals from direct-to-consumer genetic testing, Matthew Fickie MD

Parents' perception of medical errors, Sarah Goff MD

Pediatricians and physical activity counseling: How does residency prepare them for this task?, Sarah Goff MD

Complementary, holistic, and integrative medicine: Recurrent abdominal pain, David Gottsegen MD

Auditory late effects of childhood cancer therapy: A report from the Children's Oncology Group, Satkiran Grewal MD

Patient identification errors are common in a simulated setting, Philip Henneman MD, Donna Fisher MD, and Elizabeth Henneman

Epstein-BARR virus-associated smooth muscle tumors, Hal Jenson MD

The NRMP's perspective on positions offered outside the match: Commentary on: Outside-the-match residency offers: The possible extent and implications of "prematching" in postgraduate medical education, Hal Jenson MD

Vaccination for boys: The paediatrician's perspective, Hal Jenson MD

Successful engraftment of donor marrow after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation in autosomal-recessive hyper-IgE syndrome caused by dedicator of cytokinesis 8 deficiency, Alicia Johnston MD

Exercise intolerance in obese children-Is it asthma?, Robert Kaslovsky MD

Does a condom availability program in an inner city public school decrease the rates of gonorrhea and chlamydia infection, Laura Koenigs MD

Age of onset of selected pubertal characteristics: Cross-sectional data from non-hispanic white boys, Edward Reiter MD

Bicalutamide plus anastrozole for the treatment of gonadotropin-independent precocious puberty in boys with testotoxicosis: a phase II, open-label pilot study (BATT), Edward Reiter MD