Submissions from 2015

Too Little Can Make You Bleed, Too Much Can Give You a Heart Attack!, Fadi Alkhatib MD

Unmasking the Silent Infection!, Fadi Alkhatib MD

The Association Between Insurance Type and Cost-Related Delay in Care: A Survey of Access to Care in Massachusetts, Sora Al Rowas MD

The Association Between Insurance Type and Cost-related Delay in Care: A Survey of Access to Care in Massachusetts, Sora Al Rowas MD

When your pancreas can’t handle shingles, Ghassan Alzayer MD

Healthcare Providers' Knowledge of Diets and Dietary Advice, Sonali Arora MD, Auras Atreya MD, Reva Kleppel, Jennifer Friderici, and Tara Lagu MD

Bioterrorism, Andrew Artenstein MD


Fostering Further Successes in Vaccinology, Andrew Artenstein MD


Fostering further successes in vaccinology, Andrew Artenstein MD

Promoting high value inpatient care via a coaching model of structured, interdisciplinary team rounds, Andrew Artenstein MD, Thomas Higgins MD, Adrienne Seiler MD, Alex Knee, Greta H. Boynton MD, Michael Picchioni MD, Bonnie Geld, and Winthrop Whitcomb MD


Pause-dependent paroxysmal phase-4 atrioventricular block, Auras Atreya MD, James Cook MD, and Marshal Fox MD


The heavy LEGACY: Should weight management be part of every atrial fibrillation clinic?, Auras Atreya MD and Gregory Giugliano MD

Adjunctive Diagnostic Procedures for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention, Auras Atreya MD and Amir Lotfi MD

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Sudeep Kaur Aulakh MD

Digoxin Overdose, Sudeep Kaur Aulakh MD

Familial Adenomatous Polyposis and Gardner's Syndrome, Sudeep Kaur Aulakh MD

Horner's Syndrome, Sudeep Kaur Aulakh MD

Hypercoagulable State, Sudeep Kaur Aulakh MD

Hypersplenism, Sudeep Kaur Aulakh MD

Pulseless Electrical Activity, Sudeep Kaur Aulakh MD

Seeing is believing: Optimizing outpatient direct observation in the age of milestones, Sudeep Kaur Aulakh MD and Michael Rosenblum MD

Proton Pump Inhibitor Induced Acute Interstitial Nephritis - Remaining Mindful of the Medication Reconciliation, Jasdeep Badwal MD

Telehealth program for type 2 diabetes: usability, satisfaction, and clinical usefulness in an urban community health center, Andrew Balder MD and Sofija Zagarins MD

Cultivating Medical Education Research Mentorship as a Pathway Towards High Quality Medical Education Research, Rebecca Blanchard PhD and Paul Visintainer


Outcomes After Referral for Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation in Hospitalized Patients With Cancer, Isaac Bromberg


Mobile vitreous opacities on ocular ultrasonography are not always pathologic: a cross-sectional survey in an asymptomatic population, Gavin Budhram MD, Michele Schroeder MD, Elizabeth Schoenfeld MD, Tala Elia MD, and Jennifer Friderici

Subacute Diffuse Large Joint Osteonecrosis in an HIV patient on MAART, Nicolas Cal MD


Reappearance and treatment of penicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus in a tertiary medical centre, Matthew Chabot MD, Mihaela Stefan MD, Jennifer Friderici, Jennifer Schimmel MD, and Julius Larioza MD

Broken-hearted, again – A case of recurrent stress cardiomyopathy, Thomas Chin MD

Cases from Baystate Medical Center - Case 3: STEMI mimic on EKG: The Brugada pattern, Thomas Chin MD

Myocardial Infarction: The Forme Fruste of Endocarditis, Daniel Coffin DO

Bevacizumab in high-grade gliomas: past, present, and future, Saurabh Dahiya MD

Milk-alkali-induced Pancreatitis in a Chronically Hypocalcemic Patient with DiGeorge Syndrome, Nicholas Daniel MD

A curious cause of heart failure, Soumabha Das MD

Differentiating Differentiation Syndrome: A diagnostic dilemma, Soumabha Das MD


Topic: Recent Innovations in Hernia Surgery, David Desilets MD and John Romanelli MD


Tension capnopericardium and cardiac arrest as an unexpected adverse event of peroral endoscopic myotomy (with video), David Desilets MD, John Romanelli MD, and David Earle MD

Endovascular therapy for cerebrovascular injuries after head and neck trauma, Ennis Duffis MD

Not a glutton for gluten! Celiac disease in elders, Prasanna Durairaj MD and Rebecca Starr MD

Countless Causes of Confusion, Jillian Edmonds DO

Focal Crescentic and Necrotizing Proliferative Glomerulonephritis with Crystalline Light Chain Deposits: A Unique Light Chain Associated Pattern of Injury, Jillian Edmonds DO

Change of heart-assessing decisional capacity in discharges, Nura El-Haj MD, Randa Jaber MD, and Wanda Colon-Cartagena MD

A Cryptic Pneumonia in an Immunocompetent Patient, Amanda Fernandes MD

Skin Necrosis from Levamisole Contaminated Cocaine, Amanda Fernandes MD

Factors associated with emergency department visits in asthma exacerbation, Jane Garb, Jan Fitzgerald, and Reva Kleppel

Clinical Use of Pulse Wave Analysis: Proceedings From a Symposium Sponsored by North American Artery, Michael Germain MD

Executive summary of the KDIGO Controversies Conference on Supportive Care in Chronic Kidney Disease: developing a roadmap to improving quality care, Michael Germain MD

How to integrate predictions in outcomes in planning clinical care, Michael Germain MD

Iron dosing in kidney disease: inconsistency of evidence and clinical practice, Michael Germain MD


Pruritus in Kidney Disease, Michael Germain MD

Should Dialysis be Offered to All Elderly Patients, Michael Germain MD

Outcomes associated with a mandatory gastroenterology consultation to improve the quality of care of patients hospitalized with decompensated cirrhosis, Rony Ghaoui MD, Jennifer Friderici, David Desilets MD, Tara Lagu MD, Paul Visintainer, Angelica Belo MD, Jorge Sotelo MD, and Peter Lindenauer MD

Impact of geography on organ allocation: Beyond the distance to the transplantation center, Rony Ghaoui MD and Jane Garb

Advance care planning: a qualitative study of dialysis patients and families, Sarah Goff MD, Rebecca Feinberg MPH, Jennifer Germain, and Lewis Cohen MD

Shared decision-making in end-stage renal disease: a protocol for a multi-center study of a communication intervention to improve end-of-life care for dialysis patients, Sarah Goff MD, Jamie Klingensmith, Michael Germain MD, and Lewis Cohen MD

Proyecto Mamá: a lifestyle intervention in overweight and obese Hispanic women: a randomised controlled trial - study protocol, Sarah Goff MD and Glenn Markenson MD

Life Threatening Transaminitis as a Complication from the Use of Clozaoine, Santhi Gokaraju MD

Small Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder - A Rare Aggressive Tumor and a Curse to the Elderly, Santhi Gokaraju MD

Small cell carcinoma of the bladder- a rare aggressive tumor and a curse to the elderly, Santhi Gokaraju MD, Ritika Vankina MD, Kathryn Jobbins DO, Reham Shaaban MD, and Wanda Colon-Cartagena MD


Systematic Review of ED-based Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Research, Amy Gottlieb MD


Ferric Citrate Reduces Intravenous Iron and Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agent Use in ESRD, Barbara Greco MD


Pyridoxamine dihydrochloride in diabetic nephropathy (PIONEER-CSG-17): lessons learned from a pilot study, Barbara Greco MD

Mirtazapine Induced Galactorrhea: A Rare Adverse Effect, Hector Guzman MD

Mirtazapine Induced Galactorrhea: A Rare Adverse Effect, Hector Guzman MD

Frequency of Follow Up Imaging Recommended by Radiologists and the Impact on Clinical Treatment Plans, Owen Hanley MD

Frequency of Follow Up Imaging Recommended by Radiologists and the Impact on Clinical Treatment Plans, Owen Hanley MD and Tiara Sanborn MD

Too weak to breathe: A case of CIDP with respiratory involvement, Mini Hariharan MD

Resource specification for prototyping human-intensive systems, Philip Henneman MD


Using Computer Simulation to Study Nurse-to-Patient Ratios in an Emergency Department, Philip Henneman MD and Fidela Blank

Comparing observed and predicted mortality among ICUs using different prognostic systems: why do performance assessments differ?, Thomas Higgins MD

Variability in Risk-Adjusted Sepsis Mortality: How Much Is Too Much?, Thomas Higgins MD

Variability in Risk-Adjusted Sepsis Mortality: How Much Is Too Much?, Thomas Higgins MD

Where are the brakes? Assessing driving safety in dementia, James Higgs MD and Rebecca Starr MD

Impact of the 2008 USPSTF Recommendation on Clinician's Practice Following an Elevated PSA Test in Elderly Men, Sami Ibrahimi MD

Thick serum can clog the brain, Sami Ibrahimi MD, Evrim Erdogan PhD, Wanda Colon-Cartagena MD, and Ashish Verma MD

HIV in the elderly, Sami Ibrahimi MD and Armando Paez MD

Lithium Induced Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus in an older adult, Randa Jaber MD and Maria Ferrera MD

“Please help me”-a caregiver’s stress, Randa Jaber MD and Rebecca Starr MD

When a safe alternative is not so safe, Issra Jamal MD

When your liver can not breathe, Issra Jamal MD


Treatment of sleep-disordered breathing with positive airway pressure devices: technology update, Karin Johnson MD and Douglas Johnson MD


Postoperative atrial fibrillation in patients undergoing non-cardiac non-thoracic surgery: A practical approach for the hospitalist, Kirti Joshi MD, Mihaela Tiru MD, Thomas Chin MD, Marshal Fox MD, and Mihaela Stefan MD

A Clinical Prediction Model to Assess Risk for Chemotherapy-Related Hospitalization in Patients Initiating Palliative Chemotherapy, Ankit Kansagra MD

Cases from Baystate Medical Center - Case 1: Stones and the missing gallbladder, Jin Kim MD


Procedural sedation for MRI in children with ADHD, Eimear Kitt MD, Jennifer Friderici, and Reva Kleppel

Informed Decision Making for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for Stable Coronary Disease, Reva Kleppel and Marc Schweiger MD

Improving the process of informed consent for percutaneous coronary intervention: Patient Outcomes from the Patient Risk Information Services Manager (ePRISM) study, Aaron Kugelmass MD


From Public to Social Reporting of Hospital Quality, Tara Lagu MD

"Less is more" and the house of god: was the fat man right again?, Tara Lagu MD

TRANSFORM-ing patient safety culture: a universal imperative, Tara Lagu MD

Can we make performance measures more resilient to the effects of coding?, Tara Lagu MD and Peter Lindenauer MD

Ensuring access to health care for patients with disabilities, Tara Lagu MD and Peter Lindenauer MD

Reply: trends in sepsis and infection sources in the United States. A population-based study, Tara Lagu MD and Peter Lindenauer MD

Trends in sepsis and infection sources in the United States. A population-based study, Tara Lagu MD and Peter Lindenauer MD


Effects of prolonged ethanol lock exposure to carbothane- and silicone-based hemodialysis catheters: a 26-week study, Daniel Landry MD, Randa Jaber MD, George Lipkowitz MD, and Michael O'Shea MD

Prevalence and Predictors of Mental/Emotional Distress Among HIV+ Jail Detainees at Enrollment in an Observational Study, Thomas Lincoln MD and Maureen Desabrais


Association between Initial Fluid Choice and Subsequent In-hospital Mortality during the Resuscitation of Adults with Septic Shock, Peter Lindenauer


Weekend Discharges and Length of Stay Among Veterans Admitted for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Peter Lindenauer MD

Hospital patterns of mechanical ventilation for patients with exacerbations of COPD, Peter Lindenauer MD, Mihaela Stefan MD, Meng-Shiou Shieh, Penny Pekow, and Nancy Hill RN

A curious presentation of Lyme disease, Peter Liu MD