Submissions from 2003

Safety in the ICU: Achieving compliance with head of bed elevation using computerized physician order entry., William McGee MD, Thomas Higgins MD, A Farid MD, Jan Fitzgerald, and Mary Brunton

Perioperative medication management, Donna Mercado MD

Improving the care of patients with regard to chemotherapy-induced nausea and emesis: the effect of feedback to clinicians on adherence to antiemetic prescribing guidelines., Wilson Mertens MD, Donald Higby MD, Evan Benjamin MD, Jan Fitzgerald, and Peter Lindenauer MD

Pancreatitis and duodenitis from sarcoidosis: successful therapy with mycophenolate mofetil., Farhad Navab MD, Michael Germain MD, Michael H. O'Shea MD, Gregory Braden MD, Jonathan Freeman MD, Jeffrey Mulhern MD, George Lipkowitz MD, and Robert Madden MD

Diagnosis of acute cardiac ischemia., J. Hector Pope MD

Management of influenza symptoms in healthy adults., David Rose MD and Michael Rothberg MD

Open-label, sequential comparison of eptifibatide with abciximab for patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention., Marc Schweiger MD and James Cook MD

Thoracic massage permits use of echocardiography in unanesthetized rats., Mara Slawsky MD

Modafinil for treatment of cognitive side effects of antiepileptic drugs in a patient with seizures and stroke., Brian W. Smith MD

A randomized controlled trial of intravenous montelukast in acute asthma., Howard Smithline MD

Whole body oxygen consumption and critical oxygen delivery in response to prolonged and severe carbon monoxide poisoning., Howard Smithline MD

Antiemetic use for gastroenteritis in children., Blake Spirko MD

Clinical use of drotrecogin alfa (activated): Patients treated in mercury differ from those in PROWESS., Jay Steingrub MD

Prompt administration of drotrecogin alfa (activated) is associated with improved survival., Jay Steingrub MD

Safety of drotrecogin alfa (activated): Results of Mercury, a retrospective multicenter observational study., Jay Steingrub MD

An exploratory study using data envelopment analysis to assess neurotrauma patients in the intensive care unit., Jay Steingrub MD, Imtiaz Munshi MD, and Thomas Higgins MD


Successful treatment of Candida Krusei infection with caspofungin acetate: a new antifungal agent, Gary Tereso and William McGee MD

Self-management of type 2 diabetes: a survey of low-income urban Puerto Ricans., Dorthea Vongoeler MD and Jeffrey Scavron MD

Submissions from 2002

Forecasting the impact of a clinical practice guideline for perioperative, Evan Benjamin MD, Peter Lindenauer MD, and Jan Fitzgerald

Quality of care for patients hospitalized with heart failure: assessing the impact of hospitalists., Evan Benjamin MD, Peter Lindenauer MD, Penny Pekow, and Jan Fitzgerald

The role of the institutional review board in quality improvement: a survey of quality officers, institutional review board chairs, and journal editors., Evan Benjamin MD, Deborah Naglieri-Prescod, Peter Lindenauer MD, Jan Fitzgerald, and Penny Pekow

Follow-up program: an essential component of ED care., Fidela Blank and Ann Maynard

Evaluation of an educational video for cardiac patients., Fidela Blank and Howard Smithline MD

Single dilated lactiferous duct due to papilloma: ultrasonographically guided percutaneous biopsy with a vacuum-assisted device., Bret Coughlin MD, David March MD, Robert Goulart MD, and Grace Makari-Judson MD

Resistance training improves strength and functional measures in patients with end-stage renal disease., Michael Germain MD, Patrick Mailloux MD, and Jeffrey Mulhern MD

Cardiopulmonary Critical Care, Thomas Higgins MD and Jay Steingrub MD

Primary care physician attitudes regarding communication with hospitalists., Peter Lindenauer MD

Subacute compartment syndrome in a soccer player, Julio Martinez-Silvestrini MD

Renal., David M. Poppel MD and Lewis Cohen MD

Chemical profiling to differentiate geographic growing origins of coffee., Brian W. Smith MD

Max Schur, M.D., 1897-1969., Stephen Wittenberg MD and Lewis Cohen MD

Submissions from 2001

Daily versus admission mortality estimates: Is admission severity yesterday's news?, Thomas Higgins MD

Submissions from 2000

Joint injections work-shop, Julio Martinez-Silvestrini MD

Submissions from 1998

Decreased leptin levels in normal weight women with hypothalamic amenorrhea: The effects of body composition and nutritional intake, Elizabeth Schoenfeld MD