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The concept of wound photography (WP) has been described in the literature for use in home care and long term management, however there is limited research related to the acute care setting. Current evidence suggests that the use of WP in conjunction with written documentation can be beneficial in the management and treatment of wounds. In my observation of D6B, there lacks a consistency in both the communication of wound assessment during bedside report and also wound documentation within the electron medical record (EMR). There is no current standard practice in place. In patients on D6B, I seek to determine if the use of WP in conjunction with a wound documentation tool to communicate wound assessment during bedside report by D6B nursing staff, compared to no standard reporting practice, improves the accuracy and consistency in wound care documentation. I plan to educate RNs in the use of WP and the documentation tool using the current best evidence. In addition, I will introduce a format for communicating this information during bedside report. To evaluate the effectiveness of this process I will conduct chart reviews to assess the accuracy and consistency of the documentation. Without sufficient documentation, the resulting cost of a hospital acquired wound can be imposed upon our unit. Implementing a standard reporting process can improve the accuracy of wound documentation and in turn decrease cost, improve patient care, and ultimately outcomes.