Submissions from 2014


An evaluation of a collaborative, safety focused, nurse-pharmacist intervention for improving the accuracy of the medication history, Elizabeth Henneman, Ed Tessier, and Karen Plotkin RN

Hospital Case Studies, Gary Kerr PharmD

Submissions from 2013


Pharmacology of procedural sedation, Danyel Adams


New intitiatives arise out of NECC compounding tragedy, Gary Kerr PharmD

Update from the National Front, Gary Kerr PharmD


Drug shortages as an impetus to improve parenteral nutrition practices, Alice O'Connor, Sean Illig, and Kathleen Kopcza


Impact of pharmacy student and resident-led discharge counseling on heart failure patients, Andrew Szkiladz, Katherine Carey, Kimberly Ackerbauer, Mark Heelon, Jennifer Friderici, and Kathleen Kopcza

Submissions from 2012

Tocilizumab for the treatment of juvenile idiopathic arthritis, Evan Horton

Submissions from 2011


Pharmacy student impact on inappropriate prescribing of acid suppressive therapy, Jason Cross, Mihaela Stefan M.D., and Michael Rothberg M.D.

Safety First - Parents need to know how to handle children's medications, Mark Heelon and Kathleen Kopcza

Hindrances to bedside barcode scanning, Mark Heelon and Kirthana Raman

Submissions from 2010

Effect of body mass index on time to therapeutic activated partial thromboplastin time in patients on a heparin protoccl, Katherine Carey, Jennifer Lose, and Kimberly Ackerbauer