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Wesson Women's Hospital
Baystate Health Sciences Library


A Multidisciplinary Diabetes Collaborative
Michelle Whitney RN, Kat Boughton, Chelsea Gordner MD, Holley Allen MD, Satoko Igarashi MD, Amy Struzziero RN, Courtney Beauregard RN, Jen Gold RN, Crystina Kusy RN, Emily Torcato RN, Stacey Cagan RN, and Deborah Naglieri-Prescod PhD


Feasibility and Implementation of a Daily Safety Brief at a Children’s Hospital-in-a-hospital
Weijen Chang MD, Patricia Fontaine RN, Stephanie Adam RN, Joanna Beachy MD, Mark Heelon, Harry Hoar, MaryAnn Westcott RN, Becker Larsen RN, Christine McKiernan MD, Deborah Naglieri-Prescod, Nancy Rines RN, Robert Rothstein MD, and Charlotte Boney MD

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