School of Nursing throughout the years


School of Nursing throughout the years


Download Katherine Duggan, First graduate of the Training School of Nursing was present at the 50th anniversary of the School of Nursing in 1942 (806 KB)

Download Student Nurse, Betsy Lee, preparing to move into the Hospital's home for Nurses (1.6 MB)

Download The hospital opened in May 1889. Nurses and nursing students were housed on the third floor. This photograph shows four nurses surrounding a piano in 1903 (1.3 MB)

Download Margaret Buschey, Director of the Hospital"s School of Nursing welcomes new students (1.7 MB)

Download Nursing Instructor, Julie Helliwell, RN intruduces new Nursing Students to their new living quarters (1.4 MB)

Download Student Nurse's Uniform (1.1 MB)

Download Training School Contract, 1905 (1.5 MB)

Download Nurse in training, 1959 (1.6 MB)

Download Nurses signing up for Library services, 1959 (572 KB)

Download Bedside training, 1961 (621 KB)

Download Instructor working with nursing students in the Nursing Arts Lab, (1.7 MB)

Download Learning the routine of a floor nurse's station (493 KB)

Download Visiting nurse Miss Carroll, 1922 (1.1 MB)


Baystate School of Nursing throughout the years.

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School of Nursing throughout the years