Submissions from 2023


A Socioecological Approach to Understanding Secondary Trauma in Professionals Working with Survivors of Sex Trafficking: A Hierarchical Regression Analysis, Jessica Wozniak


Untangling secondary traumatic stress and vicarious traumatization: One construct or two?, Jessica Wozniak

Submissions from 2022


Comparison of Use of the Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Program and Patient Characteristics Before vs During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Barry Sarvet MD

Submissions from 2021


One Psychiatrist's Perspective on Physician-Assisted Death, Stuart Anfang MD


Ethical Imperatives for Participation in Integrated/Collaborative Care Models for Pediatric Mental Health Care, Peter A. Depergola and Barry Sarvet MD


Deep Learning Based Lens for Mitigating Hospital Acquired Infections, Ritika Latke


At the Cliff: Partnership and Collaboration to Address our Public Mental Health Crisis, Barry Sarvet MD

Submissions from 2020


Optimizing Fit: Targeting a Residency Psychiatry Consultation-Liaison Rotation to Various Levels of Training, Steven Fischel MD


Comparison of 8-year Knee Osteoarthritis Progression in 2 Siblings: A Case-Based Review, Linda Gourlay NP


Correction to: Comparison of 8-year knee osteoarthritis progression in 2 siblings: a case-based review, Linda Gourlay NP


Trauma-Informed Care and Cultural Humility in the Mental Health Care of People From Minoritized Communities, Othman Mohammad MD


Capacity, Revisited: A Case Report of a Patient With Guardianship Who Refuses Life-Prolonging Treatment, Pooja Sarkar DO, Peter A. Depergola, and Walter Kilpatrick DO


Accentuate the Positive: Strengths-Based Therapy for Adolescents, Barry Sarvet MD


Measurement-Based Care in the Pediatric Primary Care Setting, Barry Sarvet MD


Policy recommendations to promote integrated mental health care for children and youth, Barry Sarvet MD


The Time Has Come for Measurement-Based Care in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Barry Sarvet MD

Submissions from 2019


Advance care planning with patients on hemodialysis: an implementation study, Sarah Goff MD, Jamie Klingensmith, Michael Germain MD, and Lewis Cohen MD


Impact of Child Psychiatry Access Programs on Mental Health Care in Pediatric Primary Care: Measuring the Parent Experience, Alex Knee and Barry Sarvet MD


Derivation and validation of a prognostic model to predict mortality in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease, Daniel Landry MD, Lewis Cohen MD, and Michael Germain MD

Submissions from 2018


Assisted Suicide/Aid in Dying: What Is the Nurse's Role?, Lewis Cohen MD


Derivation and validation of a prognostic model to predict mortality in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease, Daniel Landry MD, Lewis Cohen MD, and Michael Germain MD


Update on Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trials in the Past Decade for Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder in Child and Adolescent Patients: A Systematic Review, Bruce Waslick MD

Submissions from 2017


Evaluating Integrated Mental Health Care Programs for Children and Youth, Barry Sarvet MD


Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project 2.0: A Case Study in Child Psychiatry Access Program Redesign, Barry Sarvet MD


The Emerging Application of Health Information Technology in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Barry Sarvet MD


The Need for Practice Transformation in Children's Mental Health Care, Barry Sarvet MD


The Use of Health Information Technology Within Collaborative and Integrated Models of Child Psychiatry Practice, Barry Sarvet MD


Formative research on a teacher accompaniment model to promote youth mental health in Haiti: Relevance to mental health task-sharing in low-resource school settings, Jennifer Severe MD


High burden of mental illness and low utilization of care among school-going youth in Central Haiti: A window into the youth mental health treatment gap in a low-income country, Jennifer Severe MD


Mental health training for secondary school teachers in Haiti: a mixed methods, prospective, formative research study of feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness in knowledge acquisition, Jennifer Severe MD

Submissions from 2016

Helping parents separate the wheat from the chaff: Putting autism treatments to the test, Shannon Kay


Collaborative Care and Integration: Changing Roles and Changing Identity of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist?, Barry Sarvet MD


Integrating Mental and Physical Health Services Using a Socio-Emotional Trauma Lens, Barry Sarvet MD

Submissions from 2015

Advance care planning: a qualitative study of dialysis patients and families, Sarah Goff MD, Rebecca Feinberg MPH, Jennifer Germain, and Lewis Cohen MD

Shared decision-making in end-stage renal disease: a protocol for a multi-center study of a communication intervention to improve end-of-life care for dialysis patients, Sarah Goff MD, Jamie Klingensmith, Michael Germain MD, and Lewis Cohen MD

Schizophrenia and coronary artery disease, Martha Ignaszewski MD

Child/Adolescent anxiety multimodal study: evaluating safety, Bruce Waslick MD


An internet-based diabetes management platform improves team care and outcomes in an urban Latino population, Garry Welch, Sofija Zagarins MD, and Paula Santiago-Kelley

Submissions from 2014

Payment barriers and potential solutions to psychiatric service delivery in the medical setting, Stuart Anfang MD and Benjamin Liptzin MD

Payment Barriers and Potential Solutions to Psychiatric Service Delivery in the Medical Setting., Stuart Anfang MD and Benjamin Liptzin MD

A palliative approach to dialysis care: a patient-centered transition to the end of life, Lewis Cohen MD and Michael Germain MD

Caregiver burden and hemodialysis, Lewis Cohen MD and Michael Germain MD

Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients, Jack Fanton MD, Michael Germain MD, and Lewis Cohen MD

Deathbed wills: assessing testamentary capacity in the dying patient, Benjamin Liptzin MD

Early experiences with implementation of accountable care organizations (ACOs): How are geriatric mental health services provided?, Benjamin Liptzin MD

Recent advances in delirium recognition and management, Benjamin Liptzin MD

The geriatric psychiatrist as family caregiver - Lessons learned, Benjamin Liptzin MD

Dialysis withdrawal and palliative care, Arkadiy Pinkashov MD, Lewis Cohen MD, and Michael Germain MD

Behavioral health care for children: the Massachusetts child psychiatry access project, Barry Sarvet MD

Integrating Child Psychiatric Care, Barry Sarvet MD

Medico-legal risk associated with pediatric mental health telephone consultation programs., Barry Sarvet MD

24- and 36-Week Outcomes for the Child/Adolescent Anxiety Multimodal Study (CAMS), Bruce Waslick MD

Something to watch for: Parents must monitor what their children see and hear, Bruce Waslick MD and Peter Thunfors

Stressors May Compromise Medication Adherence Among Adults With Diabetes and Low Socioeconomic Status, Garry Welch

Submissions from 2013

Long term disability evaluations for private insurers, Stuart Anfang MD

What determines whether a patient initiates chronic renal replacement therapy?, Michael Germain MD and Lewis Cohen MD

Hospitalized, elderly, and delirious: What should you do for these patients?, Benjamin Liptzin MD and Steven Fischel MD

Childhood obsessive-compulsive disorder, Barry Sarvet MD

The 2010 Haiti earthquake response, Jennifer Severe MD

Development and validation of the Lifestyle Self-Efficacy Scale for Latinos with Diabetes (LSESLD), Garry Welch

Telehealth Innovations in Diabetes, Garry Welch

Fun and fit: Evaluation of a pediatric exercise program, Sofija Zagarins MD

Submissions from 2012

Dialysis should be discontinued more often, Lewis Cohen MD

Medical Ethics, Lewis Cohen MD

Murder and euthanasia accusations against physicians, Lewis Cohen MD

Palliative care: Help me die with dignity, Lewis Cohen MD

Prevalence of formal accusations of murder and euthanasia against physicians, Lewis Cohen MD

Sleep and pain management are key components of patient care in ESRD, Lewis Cohen MD

Renal Palliative Care, Michael Germain MD and Lewis Cohen MD

The Strongest Families intervention is more effective than usual care in children with mild or moderate oppositional, attention or anxiety disorders, Barry Sarvet MD

Submissions from 2011

Medical ethics in dialysis decision making, Lewis Cohen MD

The wedding, Lewis Cohen MD

The "no dialysis" option, Lewis Cohen MD and Michael Germain MD

The role of family experiences and ADHD in the early development of oppositional defiant disorder, Jack Fanton MD

Psychiatric issues for patients with renal disease, Jack Fanton MD and Lewis Cohen MD

Alcohol abuse and treatment in the elderly, Benjamin Liptzin MD

Financing academic departments of psychiatry, Benjamin Liptzin MD

Biomarkers in geriatric psychiatry: The promise and the reality, Benjamin Liptzin MD and Jimena Tuis MD

Bridging the divide between child psychiatry and primary care: The use of telephone consultation within a population-based collaborative system, Barry Sarvet MD

Public-academic partnerships: Public-academic partnerships to address the need for child and adolescent psychiatric services, Barry Sarvet MD

Anxiety disorders in pediatric primary care, Barry Sarvet MD and Sara Brewer MD

Management of anxiety disorders in the pediatric primary care setting, Barry Sarvet MD and Sara Brewer MD

Measuring quality of life in low-income, Spanish-speaking Puerto Ricans with type 2 diabetes residing in the mainland U.S., Garry Welch

Submissions from 2010

A need for better predictors of death, Lewis Cohen MD

No Good Deed: A Story of Medicine, Murder Accusations, and the Debate over How We Die, Lewis Cohen MD

Planning of a renal palliative care programme and its components, Lewis Cohen MD

Should there be an expanded role for palliative care in end-stage renal disease, Lewis Cohen MD

Increasing hospice services for elderly patients maintained with hemodialysis, Lewis Cohen MD and Michael Germain MD

Predicting six-month mortality for patients who are on maintenance hemodialysis, Lewis Cohen MD and Michael Germain MD

An integrative approach to advanced kidney disease in the elderly, Michael Germain MD and Lewis Cohen MD

Bipolar II Disorder: Modelling, Measuring and Managing, Benjamin Liptzin MD

Testamentary capacity and delirium, Benjamin Liptzin MD

A guide to building collaborative mental health care partnerships in pediatric primary care, Barry Sarvet MD

Developing effective child psychiatry collaboration with primary care: Leadership and management strategies, Barry Sarvet MD

Improving access to mental health care for children: The Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project, Barry Sarvet MD

Pharmacotherapy for children and adolescents with anxiety disorders, Bruce Waslick MD

Child/Adolescent Anxiety Multimodal Study (CAMS): Rationale, design, and methods, Bruce Waslick MD, Shannon Compton, and Amy Albano

Demystifying Factor Analysis: How It Works and How To Use It, Garry Welch

Virtual diabetes education and care? Pushing for a better clinical paradigm, Garry Welch

Submissions from 2009

Differentiating suicide from life-ending acts and end-of-life decisions: a model based on chronic kidney disease and dialysis., Lewis Cohen MD