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Falls throughout the health system continue to threaten the well-being of our patient population, and these preventable accidents not only jeopardize the health of our patients, but they risk the hospital's financial status and credibility as well. Through the implementation of mobility boards on Daly 5A, we as a unit intend to decrease the risk of falls on our floor, when compared to our current method of fall prevention. The literature for fall prevention is abundant, however acting upon that literature and taking initiative, while consistently communicating the status of our patient's mobility, will provide a seamless transition, and will be intricate factors to this project's success. On Daly 5A, by providing an easily adaptive visual aid in terms of a magnetic mobility board, we will allow staff members across disciplines to have an accessible means to provide effective patient-centered care with regards to their mobility status, plan, and goals. Within the initial roll-out of utilizing our mobility boards, the transition was gradual and methodical; making sure that the transition was effortless and could be easily comprehended, with regular audits occurring in order to maintain proper use and effectiveness throughout the unit. Providing a visual mobility board allows the entire healthcare team to recognize the limitations of the patient population that they are serving, maintaining individualized patient-centered care, all while providing evidence-based discussions throughout the organization, which could ultimately lead to true evidence-based research and practice.