Food mixtures for combating childhood malnutrition

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It remains a truism that a major cause of ill health and high mortality in infants and young children is inadequate and/or improper feeding. General views of causation, nevertheless, have changed considerably in recent years, nutritional problems in the past have been seen as being specifically nutrient related, a deficiency of a nutrient resulting in a deficiency syndrome. Present views, however now, increasingly recognize that infantile malnutrition may be caused less by food and nutrient deficiency as such and more by many interrelated socioeconomic and hygienic factors. Nevertheless, correct selection of acceptable forms of feeding which are also nutritionally sound, economically feasible, and relevant to the situation in developing countries can lead to considerable reductions in infant morbidity and mortality. Problems and their resolution, however, differ from age group to age group and from country to country and holistic solutions are probably not possible..