The Impact of Postoperative Enteral Immunonutrition on Postoperative Complications and Survival in Gastric Cancer Patients - Randomized Clinical Trial

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Immunomodulating enteral nutrition in the perioperative period may reduce postoperative complications in cancer patients. Little is known if this effect translates to the better survival. The aim of study was to assess the impact of postoperative immunomodulating enteral nutrition on postoperative complications and survival of gastric cancer patients.


A group of 98 gastric cancer patients was randomly assigned for postoperative immunomodulating enteral nutrition n = 44 (Reconvan, Fresenius Kabi, Bad Homburg, Germany), or standard enteral nutrition n = 54 (Peptisorb, Nutricia, Schipol, The Netherlands). Postoperative complications, mortality, 6-mo and 1-yr survival were analyzed.


The overall postoperative morbidity did not differ between the groups. The rate of pulmonary complications (excluding pneumonia) was significantly lower in immunomodulation group (0% vs 9.3%, p = 0.044), as well as 60-day mortality (0% vs. 11.1%, p = 0.037). There was no difference in 6-mo and 1-yr survival between the groups.


Postoperative immunomodulating enteral nutrition may reduce respiratory complications and postoperative mortality in comparison to standard enteral nutrition. Despite this effect, it did not improve 6-mo and 1-yr survival in immunomodulation group. Probably the beneficial effect of immunomodulating enteral nutrition is too weak to be significant in such a number of patients.