Bleeding risk and safety profile related to the use of eptifibatide: a current review

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INTRODUCTION: Eptifibatide is a glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitor that blocks the final common pathway of platelet aggregation. Its major adverse effect is bleeding. Balancing its safety and efficacy is paramount for its appropriate usage. AREAS COVERED: The development of eptifibatide and its mechanism of action are explored. Clinical trials evaluating its efficacy and safety in a variety of clinical settings, as well as newer dosing regimens, are discussed. Readers will be able to understand the bleeding risks of eptifibatide in specific patient populations. EXPERT OPINION: The risk of bleeding with eptifibatide needs to be weighed against the potential benefits. Understanding which patients are at higher risk of bleeding will help the clinician make appropriate decisions.

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