Auditory late effects of childhood cancer therapy: A report from the Children's Oncology Group

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Children treated for malignancies may be at risk for early- or delayed-onset hearing loss that can affect learning, communication, school performance, social interaction, and overall quality of life. Survivors at particular risk include those treated with platinum compounds (cisplatin and/or carboplatin) for neuroblastoma, hepatoblastoma, osteosarcoma, or germ-cell tumors and/or those treated with radiation that affects the ear at doses of >30 Gy for pediatric head and neck tumors. The aims of the Auditory/Hearing Late Effects Task Force of the Children's Oncology Group in this report were to (1) review ototoxicity resulting from childhood cancer therapy including platinum compounds (cisplatin and carboplatin) and radiation, (2) describe briefly cochlear pathophysiology and genetics of cisplatin-related hearing loss, (3) explain the impact of hearing loss resulting from chemotherapy and radiation, and (4) offer recommendations regarding evaluation and management of pediatric patients who are at risk for treatment-related hearing loss. A questionnaire is included as a tool to assist pediatricians in assessment.

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