Vaginal evisceration during pessary fitting and treatment with immediate colpocleisis

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BACKGROUND: Complications from pessaries are rare and occur predominantly as a result of neglect and loss to follow-up. We report a case of vaginal evisceration at the time of pessary insertion, which was repaired with concomitant colpocleisis. CASE: An 82-year-old woman with stage IV pelvic organ prolapse (POP) presented for a routine pessary fitting, which resulted in vaginal evisceration and displacement of the pessary into the abdomen. She was treated successfully with immediate colpocleisis after transvaginal removal of the pessary and repair of the rupture site. CONCLUSION: Pessary insertion can result in vaginal evisceration. Both POP and vaginal rupture can be successfully treated with removal of the pessary, closure of the vaginal defect, and LeFort colpocleisis all in one session.