Challenges, Barriers, and Successes of Standardized Report Templates: Results of a Society of Interventional Radiology Survey

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Registry data are being increasingly used to establish treatment guidelines, set benchmarks, allocate resources, and make payment decisions. Although many registries rely on manual data entry, the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) is using automated data extraction for its VIRTEX registry. This process relies on participants using consistent terminology with highly structured data in physician-developed standardized reports (SR). To better understand barriers to adoption, a survey was sent to 3,178 SIR members. Responses were obtained from 451 interventional radiology practitioners (14.2%) from 92 unique academic and 151 unique private practices. Of these, 75% used structured reports and 32% used the SIR SR. The most common barriers to the use of these reports include SR length (35% of respondents), lack of awareness about the SR (31%), and lack of agreement on adoption within practices (27%). The results demonstrated insights regarding barriers in the use and/or adoption of SR and potential solutions.