Online survey of consumer awareness and perceptions of a Massachusetts law for 12-month-supply of contraception

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Objective(s): To characterize awareness of a 2017 Massachusetts (MA) law that ensures access to a 12-month supply of short-acting contraceptive methods (e.g., pill, patch, vaginal ring) among short-acting contraceptive users in MA and to identify perceived benefits and concerns of a 12-month-supply.

Study design: An online survey was administered to a Qualtrics® panel of MA women who were using short-acting contraceptive methods and were insured by an eligible health plan. The survey's primary outcome was general awareness of the law; interest in, receipt of, and perceived benefits and risks of a 12-month-supply supply were also elicited. Analysis included descriptive statistics and bivariate and multivariable analyses examining factors associated with awareness of the law.

Results: Among the 207 survey respondents 76% were aware of the law and 93% expressed interest in receiving a 12-month supply of a short-acting method; however, only 9% received it. Respondents identified as White (66%), privately insured (59%), and pill users (44%). Concerns about a 12-monthsupply included privacy, product expiration, and change in personal medical status. Perceived benefits included avoiding multiple trips to pharmacy and increased compliance. Multivariable analyses showed general awareness of the law was only associated with employer-based insurance with those respondents having 75% lower odds of being aware of the law than respondents with Medicaid coverage.

Conclusion: Although a high percentage of women surveyed were aware of the law and most were interested in receiving a 12-monthsupply of their short-acting method, the low percentage who have received a 12-monthsupply suggests barriers to policy uptake.

Implications: This study describes perceptions of the 12-monthsupply provision of the contraception ACCESS law. Addressing consumer concerns may be important to improve implementation and dissemination of this state policy change.

Keywords: 12-month-supply; implementation; short-acting contraceptive methods; year supply.