CIC-rearranged round cell sarcoma presenting as a neck mass: A rare case in a pediatric patient

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Medicine; Surgery; Pathology

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Article, Peer-reviewed

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CIC-rearranged round cell sarcomas are uncommon and poorly understood, especially within the pediatric population. Distinguishing this from the more common Ewing's sarcoma is essential to further characterize the various presentations, surgical and medical management, and metastatic potential of these tumors. Here we share the sixth documented case of pediatric CIC-rearranged round cell sarcoma and the first case of this presenting as a rapidly enlarging painless neck mass in a 13-year-old female managed by surgical excision, chemotherapy, and radiation. Available literature regarding this pathology is also reviewed. © 2022 The Authors

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CIC-Rearranged round cell sarcoma; Neck mass; Round cell tumor