PRPH2-Associated Macular Dystrophy in 4 Family Members with a Novel Mutation

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Peripherin-2 (PRPH2) gene variants are a well-established cause of multiple inherited maculopathies including central areolar choroidal dystrophy (CACD) and pattern dystrophy. In this familial case study, we present a 63-year-old proband who presented with visual acuity of 20/63 right eye and 20/100 left eye with a complaint of lowered visual acuity in the left eye for unknown duration. Fundus examination presented with unifocal atrophic lesions bilaterally. Multi-modal imaging was obtained and genetic testing (My Retina Tracker; Blueprint Genetics) was performed. The proband was monoallelic for a novel missense mutation within the PRPH2 gene (Arg203Pro) not previously found in the literature or large databases (gnomAD, ClinVar, and HGMD). Subsequent examination of the proband's mother, older sister (65 years old), younger sister (53), and daughter (35) found the novel mutation to segregate with maculopathy ranging from speckled fundus autofluorescence with EZ disruption and RPE attenuation on spectral domain optical coherence tomography to large unifocal atrophic lesions throughout the macula bilaterally. The purpose of this case report is to add to the literature of PRPH2-associated disease by providing a comprehensive fundus examination of a family with autosomal dominant PRPH2-associated maculopathy diagnosed as central areolar choroidal dystrophy and pattern dystrophy.

Keywords: Inherited retinal disease; PRPH2-associated maculopathy; fundus photography; multi-modal imaging.