Resident Clinician Educator Leadership Pathway Tracks in US Radiology Programs: An ADVICER 2021 Survey Study

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Rationale and objectives: The purpose of this manuscript is to elucidate the prevalence, characteristics, outcomes, and perceptions of Alliance of Directors and Vice Chairs of Education in Radiology (ADVICER) members on Clinician Educator Leadership Pathway (CELP) tracks in diagnostic and interventional radiology residency programs in the United States.

Materials and methods: IRB exemption was obtained for this study. A 17-question anonymous survey was administered to the ADVICER members, an Association of University Radiologists (AUR) affiliate group, via email once, and then as a reminder 14 days later. Statistical analysis occurred via built-in analytics of the survey vendor, SurveyMonkey.

Results: Thirty five of 72 ADVICER members (48.6%) responded to the survey. 45.7% (16/35) respondents indicated the presence of leadership or specialty pathways in their respective residencies. 28.6% of respondents indicated a CELP (10/35) in their residency programs. 92.0% of respondents endorsed CELP as preparatory for an academic career, and 93.6% endorsed development of a national CELP curriculum.

Conclusion: The majority of radiology residency programs do not have a CELP in their training curriculum. ADVICER leaders overwhelmingly support CELP for professional development of the future educational leaders in radiology and endorse the creation of a national CELP curriculum.